Rebate and Conversion Eligibility Tool

Use this tool to find out if your current wireless system is eligible for the Shure 600 MHz Wireless Rebate.

Select the manufacturer, model, and frequency band for your current system. This will determine its eligibility for trade-in or conversion. It also will help us provide recommendations for an appropriate new Shure product.

How many frequencies does your system operate in? (Where do I find this?)

Enter your operating frequency ranges: (Where do I find this?)

Your system is an Eligible Trade-In Product for this rebate program or U.S. 600 MHz Conversion Process. You must choose only one of these options.

Use of this system eventually will be prohibited by law because a portion of its operating range is in the area affected by the FCC Incentive Auction (616–653 MHz or 663–698 MHz).

You should plan to retire this system and trade-in to receive a rebate with the purchase of an Eligible Shure Product or convert the product to operate within permitted bands by using the U.S. 600 MHz Conversion Process.

Your system is not an Eligible Trade-In Product for this rebate program.

Based on the information you provided, your current system does not operate in the 600 MHz Band.